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There is no silver bullet for fighting corruption which can help ensure that you have made some significant progress in the world of corruption. Everything we o to fight corruption must start with a great idea, find more. There are many practices that can be applied to make sure that it would have an impact on society. Here are some five ways that they can help give you the right to fight against corruption. Click here

End Impunity

There are many effective law enforcements which can make sure that you have the right place to help break the punishment which can help ensure that one can break the cycle of impunity, freedom of punishment and loss. There are many enforcement approaches which can provide a very strong legal framework which is one way to breach the independent and effective court system which can help ensure that you have a very transparent international which can easily unmask the corrupt campaign.

Reform public administration and finance management

There are many reforms which can help ensure that you have the right financial management and strengthening team which can help give you the role of auditing agencies which many countries can achieve together with greater impact than the public sector reforms on curbing corruption. They can make sure that you have the right disclosure when it comes to budget information which prevents waste and can have a very misappropriation of resources. This allows promoting transparency and participatory budgeting by the local training community.

Promote transparency and access to information

There are many countries which have a very long tradition of corruption which allows them to have the right tradition of government openness, freedom of press, transparency and access to information. This allows a lot of responsiveness of the government bodies, which will make sure that you have a positive effect on the public participation of the country. The Maldives has successfully advocated for the adoption of one of the world’s strongest rights to the information law and is putting pressure on the local politicians by putting in campaigns and text messages.


Empower citizens

Strengthening the citizen is in demand and when it comes to anti-corruption and empowering them to have the right hold government is accountable for a sustainable approach which has helped them build trust between the citizens and government. The community monitoring activities and initiatives have some cases which allow you to contribute to the detection of corruption and reduce leakage of funds and improve the quality and quantity of public services. This gives transparency and allows the public to have a populated picture which has reports of potential irregularities in the election. The case of public finds and them being misused can help support certain claims that the candidate might spot.

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